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M10AL is the latest generation ADS-B station designed and manufactured by NRPL under ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system.

The system complies with all ICAO requirements and it has been designed using the latest, best-known technological improvements. The system is highly modular and can be either fully redundant with automatic switch-over or single- channel for N-1 architecture.

M10AL can be used either separately or as a complement to existing PSR/MSSR radars while using only one data processing center. Several stations can be easily extended to MLAT network (airport or WAM).

Main features

  • Mode S Extended Squitter (1090 ES)
  • Multilateration function available
  • Indoor and outdoor versions
  • Fully redundant or single-channel
  • Very easy start-up procedure (“plug-and-play”)
  • Several antenna systems (sector, omni) depending on required coverage
  • No moving parts such as fan or HDD
  • Dual precise GPS sensors
  • Comprehensive BITE; CMS with SNMP and remote access
  • Data archiving, playback and analysis
  • Low power consumption, commercial AC or DC (solar panel, wind power generator)
  • Built-in site monitor
Maximal range
250 NM
66 000 ft
Target load > 2000
Data refresh interval 0.5 – 4 sec
Input data channels 1-4
Antenna system 17, 11.5, 9, 5 dBi
Probability of detection 99%
Automatic failure control 90%
MTBF 217 012 h
MTTR 5 m
Full redundancy Yes
BITE system Yes
Maximal power consumption < 100 W
Input power Commercial AC/DC
Output data format ASTERIX CAT021, CAT023
Climatic conditions, Indoor
Operation temperature:
+5°C … +40°C
≤ 80% at +25°C
Climate conditions, Outdoor
Operation temperature:
-50°C … +65°C
≤ 98% at +25°C
Max operating altitude 10 000 ft
Operational wind speed 100 kts
Survival wind speed 120 kts

Antenna System

  • Variable number of input antenna channels (1 – 4)
  • M10AL can be used with several antenna types depending on required coverage:
  • Three 120° degree 17 dBi gain sector antennas
  • One omni-directional 11.5 dBi antenna
  • One omni-directional 9 dBi antenna
  • One omni-directional 5 dBi antenna

Data Processing

  • Mode A/C, Mode S ES, Mode S ELS/EHS processing and 3D position calculation
  • Tracking and data combining with PSR/MSSR
  • Existing PSR Morava 10 / MSSR M10S radar data processor is upgradable to MLAT processing capability

Control and Monitoring System

  • Fully redundant system
  • Any number of local and remote CMS terminals
  • Highly adaptable to local communication lines such as serial, optic, LAN, radio link etc.
  • Non-radar equipment control can be easily imple- mented in CMS displaying all available data
  • Real-time performance calculation
  • Information archiving, replay and analysis
  • SNMP support
  • Factory remote support capability

Radar Data Display

  • Multiple data (plots and/or tracks) input display including PSR, MSSR, ADS-B and MLAT
  • Geographical maps and air navigation charts
  • Surveillance data archiving and replay

MLAT System Features

  • Consists of several M10AL stations and one or several interrogators
  • M10AL can be either redundant or single-channel providing extra degree of reliability
  • Using Mode A/C, Mode S ES, Mode S ELS/EHS for interrogation
  • Can be used either separately or as a complement to existing PSR/MSSR radars while using only one data processing system
  • Enhanced coverage calculation
  • Redundant central data processing system
Output data format ASTERIX CAT010, CAT019, CAT20, CAT21, CAT23
Output data filter Geographic, altitude, range, identity/address
Position accuracy 50 m
Update rate 1-10 sec
Target load 1000
Interrogation type Mode A/C, Mode S ES, Mode S ELS/EHS
Interrogation frequency 1030 MHz
Transmit power Up to 2000 W
Dynamic transmit power Yes
Sector-based interrogation Yes